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Mistry 005


Batu - Dekalb (MSTRY005)
A. Dekalb
B. Collate

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Beneath's Mistry label draw the best out of Batu in this quaking two-headed beast. With each release he seems to step further into his own sound, whilst also remaining true to a shared aesthetic/tempo with peers such as Beneath, Pinch, Lurka, and most recently, L.Sae on his home-brewed Timedance label. For this headstrong mission he comes with the noisy, technoid mutation of 'Dakalb' up top, alloying radioactive subs with rusted snare crack and floor-scanning sirens to murder the dance. Backa plate, 'Collate' runs industrialized roto-toms and scooping bass with the ruddiest junglist swagger crowbarred into a 130bpm template. They're both a big look those that know.


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