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No Symbols 006


No Symbols 006 - Beneath

A. Lifted
B1. Cack
B2. Fuck Ya'll

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Beneath shells down three tracks of “self-indulgent sound system muzik” on the 6th No Symbols 12” written, produced, engineered and hand-stamped by the man hisself.

His 2nd and presumably final dispatch of 2016 sticks firmly to the roads he knows, seeking out nuance and new angles along an axis of 120 bpm bass music.

Up top on Lifted he still sounds like nobody else, carving thru UKF, dubstep and techno templates with knife-artist skill and rave-ready torque, before the flipside calves off into dankest sort of acid bashment grime with Cack, and then gets loose in his signature, swaggering style on Fuck Ya’ll.

In a field of mimetic copycats, Beneath stands out a mile.


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